Study detailspatients with severe impairment from angina.

Study detailspatients with severe impairment from angina, which are either the MARISA or CARISA study, and those who voted in the participate in long-term open label ROLE program had been completed, were enrolled at 123 sites in 12 countries. Doctors titrated patients the optimal dose of Ranexa between 500mg and 1000mg twice daily. Safety and tolerability included reviews vital signs, laboratory tests, and adverse event reporting.

The median duration of follow-up was 2.82 years and more than 75 % of ROLE patients completed at least two years of Ranexa therapy. Two years after the first dose, 9.7 % of the patients had discontinued Ranexa due to adverse events. – No treatment discontinuations were due to QT prolongation and no cases of torsades de pointes have been reported. The most frequently reported adverse events, other than angina, were dizziness and constipation .GPC Biotech. GPC Biotech a publicly traded biopharmaceutical company to anticancer drugs on anticancer drugs GPC Biotech history advanced product candidate satraplatin arm being satraplatin, an oral platinum compound , the company has various anti-cancer programs in R & D, any be expertise kinase inhibitors. GPC Biotech AG, Martinsried / Munich located and has an U.S. Subsidiary in Princeton, New Jersey. For more information you can visit GPC Biotech website at.

Authorization Application for satraplatin applies redeemedGPC Biotech AG reported that the company their his partner for satraplatin informed Europe, that they wish to withdraw to Marketing Authorization Application to satraplatin combined with prednisone for the treatment of hormone-refractory prostate cancer patients whose failed.