Bagby tests the idea that some complications of Fanconi anemia.

Zebra fish are whole animals. We can for the excretion of molecules to test by filtering organs and toxicity issues in living organisms. ‘.. Bagby tests the idea that some complications of Fanconi anemia, including cancer and leukemia, human cell linespend on Fanconi protein functions other than DNA repair. Postlethwait and he can this hypothesis this hypothesis using the zebrafish model. This research is at its previous discovery that some of the Fanconi anemia proteins have more than one function, and that some of these functions based include controlling biochemical pathways for cell survival and function of the innate immune system. – ‘There are human cell lines for all these mutations,’Postlethwait said. ‘In principle, one could these molecules test cheaply and quickly in human cell lines.

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